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Canada must be a leader on clean water and hygiene

Without access to clean water

COVID-19’s second wave is crashing into countries that don’t have access to state-of-the-art healthcare and that’s a real problem. For all of us.

Globally, one in six healthcare facilities do not have soap and water readily available for handwashing.

But it’s not a problem unique to healthcare settings: 40% of people globally don’t have access to handwashing facilities at home.

Poor hygiene can spread illness quickly making children and frontline workers sick, putting entire communities at risk as they continue to use unclean water.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique moment for Canada to focus action on water and hygiene as a ‘no regrets’ investment for global health. Now is the time for Canada to show leadership on the world stage by urgently investing in water and hygiene needs around the world.

Investing in clean water. Right now.

As the world waits for a vaccine, regular and thorough handwashing with soap and clean water is the most cost-effective public health intervention.

It’s simple: when communities have access to soap and clean water, they dramatically reduce the spread of the disease.

This is a global problem. No one will be safe until everyone is safe.

WaterAid Canada is working in over 30 countries through projects that best educate communities about the threat of the virus and install handwashing systems as fast as we can. Most importantly, we assist in changing hygiene behaviour — creating communities that are healthier and more resilient.

Take action together!

Today, WaterAid Canada is calling on the Canadian government to act urgently to make a ‘no regrets’ investment in water and support countries to build resilient communities and economies.

By signing our petition, you are sending a clear message to the Minister of International Development Karina Gould that we need to increase Canada’s investment in clean water and hygiene. Join us today!